The Flash®-Free Initiative

Over the short history of the Internet, web content has moved from text with embedded images to elaborately formatted, media-rich, interactive experiences.

Web browsers, and the HTML standards on which they were based, did not keep pace with this rapid evolution of content, however. To build the rich, interactive pages demanded by users, web designers frequently turned to proprietary technologies — chiefly Adobe Flash.

However, in April 2010, Apple Computer’s decision to not support Flash on the iPhone and iPad called into question the role of Flash in the future of the web.

Apple’s decision – and the reasons set forth in an open letter from Apple President Steve Jobs – began a public discussion of the limitations of Flash, and the rapidly evolving capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3.

The chief weaknesses of Flash, identified by Jobs and others, include:

At the same time, advances in browsers and web standards – including Javascript, the Document Object Model, AJAX, H.264 video, and HTML5 and CSS3 – have made it possible to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) built entirely on non-proprietary standards.

Furthermore, the tremendous market represented by Apple’s iPhone and iPad have provided an incentive for designers to move to standards-based web development.

Websites bearing the Flash-Free icon have been developed using standard web technologies, and do not depend on proprietary Adobe Flash technologies.

Web Developers: placing the Flash-Free icon on your websites is an indication that you are conversant with the latest in evolving web technologies, and that you are capable of producing sites that can be viewed on mobile platforms and without the Adobe Flash plug-in.

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Coming in Spring

With Quintimation, web designers will be able to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) that run on all major browsers, as well as Apple iPhone and iPad, without requiring proprietary plugins.

Quintimation will support both new, HTML5 and CSS3 compliant browsers, as well as "legacy" browsers, without requiring plugins or browser extensions.

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